Advice From 5 CEOs on How to Get Ahead at Work

If you want to learn about how to build a successful long term career, then it makes sense to turn to those who have already been there and done that. CEOs didn’t just get their positions overnight – it’s taken them a few decades to get there and all of them would agree that it wasn’t easy. Some CEOs have been able to climb the corporate ladder from the ground up, while others switched companies several times before given the opportunity. All CEOs are salespeople – they can sell themselves and their ideas, convincing their employees and the public of why they are the best fit for the job and why their products and services matter. Here is advice from five top CEOs on how to get ahead at work:

1. Define your goals. In a New York Times interview, Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, said that “you can’t realize your goal if it’s not defined.” He goes on to say, “start thinking about what it is because once you know it, the moment you know it, you begin manifesting it. You manifest it in explicit ways by virtue of knowing and then pursuing it, and you manifest it in implicit ways — just in the way you talk, in the way you think and the things that you say to others and the people you attract to yourself.” Regardless of your position in your company, you need to have a list of achievable goals and stick to them. You should make a list in your phone so you’re always carrying them around and you can remember them. If you don’t have goals then you will just move around and not get anywhere or have no direction of where you want to go.

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